Window Screen Repair – Keep The Critters Out

Window screens are one of the most underappreciated systems in your home. Here in Vero Beach, Florida your window screen serves a very important purpose – keep everything from the outside, well, outside. With our warm tropical climate and dense vegetation, few places have as many potential pests, and debris, as Florida. You may not think much about it until your screens have succumbed to the elements. Old, ripped window screen also create an eyesore, detracting from the overall curb appeal of your home. When that happens it’s time to call the professional screen repair technicians at AA Window Repair.

What Happens To Your Screens

Most screens are made up of three components. The wire-like screen mesh itself is usually made from fiberglass, an aluminum frame, whose job it is to hold and attach your screen to the wall, and a rubber spline that locks the screen into place on the frame. Here in Central Florida we often get very strong thunderstorms moving thru the area. These storms attack your window and sliding glass door screen with high winds and debris. Over time your screens will start to look worn out and may even become loose and sag in the middle due to the extreme pounding it has been taking. Eventually, your window screens will develop small holes. Once these holes appear it’s only a matter of time before small lizards and insects invade the space between your window and your window screen as they look for a safe place to call home. With critters living in the space, you lose the ability to open your window.

Window Screens Protect You & Your Family

Window and sliding glass door screens that have tears and holes in them lose their ability to effectively protect you and your family from another Florida resident…mosquitos. Leaving a window open that has a hole in the screen is like ringing the dinner bell, somehow mosquitos always know and find their way in.

Screen Repair Done Right

For over a decade AA Window Repair has been repairing window screens and sliding glass door screens all over Vero Beach and Indian River County. Whatever your screen repair need, from broken frames to just re-screening your existing screen we can help!

If you are looking to replace the window screens of your home, we also custom make new screens to fit your specific window or sliding glass door. In addition, we also re-screen patio porches and repair any damage to the frame or screen door of your porch. Our courteous and professional screen repair technicians are experienced and ready to handle any type of screen repair you can throw at them. With AA Window Repair your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Having broken glass on your windows or sliding glass door can be alarming and you want it fixed right away! AA Window Repair & Glass offers flexible appointment times with same day appointments available in many cases.

Our courteous and professional screen repair technicians are experienced and ready to handle any type of screen repair you can throw at them.

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