Window Repair Experts Explain Why Yours Won’t Open

Windows aren’t merely panes of glass. They’re actually made up of a variety of components. When one or more of these components fail, problems can arise.

You may have experienced a common one: windows that won’t open. This is particularly irritating during the cooler months in Florida. Home and business owners here often leave some windows open during this time of year. When yours won’t open, you may be very understandably frustrated.

There are many reasons this can happen. Luckily, our experts at AA Window Repair, in Indian Harbour Beach, FL, have the skills and expertise necessary to fix your windows. Get in touch with us to ensure the work is performed properly, safely, and thoroughly.

In the meantime, you may still be wondering why they won’t open in the first place. The following are common reasons this can occur:

Failing Components

Again, this is typically the most likely reason a window won’t open. That’s why it’s important to call window repair experts when you notice a problem. You need the proper knowledge and experience to address the issue effectively.

It’s worth noting this is also a basic safety issue. Trying to fix a jammed window on your own could put you at risk of injury if any glass breaks. If you fail to properly repair the window (which can easily happen if you lack professional window repair experience), you might also add to the danger. For instance, the way in which you “fixed” the window could cause it to slam shut in the future if you weren’t entirely certain you knew how to perform the repairs.

Don’t try to fix the problem on your own when a window won’t open. This is definitely a case in which it’s best to hire professionals. You need help from experts who know how to not only diagnose the cause of the problem but fix it too.


Our window repair experts recommend keeping the sliding tracks of your windows as clean as possible. Unfortunately, debris can easily accumulate here. Over time, if it isn’t cleaned away, it can accumulate to such a degree that it prevents the window from opening. This is luckily an easy problem to avoid with some basic upkeep but when needed, we are here to help!

Indian Harbour Beaches Local Window Repair Experts

Just remember to get in touch with AA Window Repair if your windows won’t open. Serving both homeowners and business owners in the Inner Harbour Beach, FL area, we’ll fix the problem fast, so you can get back to enjoying the cooler Florida months. Contact us online today to learn more about scheduling service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re in good hands!

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