Window Repair 101 – Window Security

Keeping your family safe secure while at home is of paramount importance and just like any other potential entry point into your home, your windows need to be secured. When most people think about securing their windows they think about the standard window lock pictured above (known as a window latch). But did you know there are several types of window locks? Here at AA Window Repair we can help you sort thru them and install or repair them!

Many Type of Window Locks Available

Window Latch – Found on the top of a window sash, window latches are the most common type of window lock in Melbourne, FL. Window latches are simple locks that secure the two window sashes together.

Keyed Locks – Often paired with single hung, double hung or sliding windows, keyed locks are installed on the side of your window and secure it to the frame. As the name implies, keyed locks can only be opened using a….you guessed it…key!

Hinged Wedge Lock – If you have small children then hinged wedge locks may be a consideration for you. While allowing you to open the window to a certain degree (and therefore circulate fresh air) they do not permit the window to open all the way.

Swivel Action Locks – These are self-locking mechanisms that prevent the window from opening once it’s closed without the use of a key.

Folding Latches – Often used with awning or “crank windows” they are found on the window frame and, when closed, fold down to lock the window in place.

Handle Lock – A very common type of window lock that is a simple latch that connects with a lip on the bottom of your window frame. To open the window simple lift the latch and slide the window.

Don’t Forget The Glass Itself

While not a locking device, the type of glass installed on your windows can greatly enhance the overall security of your home. Replacing ordinary glass with tempered or laminated glass will make them much more resistant to shattering should an intruder try to break in.

Window Repair & Security Experts

To help keep your family safe and secure knowing the different types of window locks is an important step. If your existing window won’t lock or latch properly than it’s time to call AA Window Repair! Servicing all of the Greater Melbourne FL area and Vero Beach, our window repair experts can efficiently repair or replace most window locks. Give us a call at 321-723-9910!

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