Sliding Glass Door Repair Experts Solve a Range of Problems

A sliding glass door typically has many components. The glass is by no means the only important part. You also have a frame, a track, typically an interlocking meeting rail, and more.

That means a sliding glass door can need repairs for many reasons. It also means diagnosing the cause of the problem (and correcting it) may be more difficult than you realize.

Don’t worry! Sliding glass door repair is a job best left to the professionals anyway. With help from our experts at AA Window Repair, serving the Melbourne, FL area, no matter what the nature of the issue happens to be, your sliding glass door will be working properly again in no time. The following are just some of the problems we can address:

Broken Glass Repair & Replacement

You need to repair or replace your sliding door’s glass as soon as possible if it breaks. There’s a good chance its structural integrity is now compromised, so anyone near the door may be at risk of injury if the glass shatters. Additionally, when a sliding door’s glass breaks, your home is now exposed to the elements to a greater degree than usual. That means warm Florida air can work its way inside. If a storm strikes, rain may also leak into your home. This can lead to expenses ranging from high energy bills (due to running your AC all the time) to water damage repair bills. Additionally, a home with a broken entranceway is a prime target for intruders.

These aren’t problems you have to worry about! Our professionals will respond promptly to your service request. They’ll determine if your glass is substantially damaged and the best way to replace it. Of course, they’ll also perform all the required work with expert precision.

Track & Wheels Problems

Do you find your sliding glass door won’t roll along the track as easily as it used to? Or does it feel “jumpy” and inconsistent? Sometimes this is merely because debris is blocking its path. However, there are many instances in which a failing component may cause this problem.

You need help from the experts to determine what that component is. Sometimes it’s a problem with the rollers. Sometimes it’s a track issue. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Luckily, when you schedule sliding glass door repair service with us, you’ll be in the hands of pros who know how to diagnose and address the problem fast.

Door Jumps the Track

There are also instances in which you may find your sliding door seems to want to jump off its track. This is typically due to wheel misalignment. It also happens to be another problem we can fix easily! We’ll determine if your wheels are misaligned, replacing or repairing them accordingly.

Broken Latches

A sliding glass door serves no real purpose if the latch won’t catch. This prevents you from closing it fully and keeping your home secure. Thus, it’s another problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. And, of course, it’s another common sliding door problem we can help you with.

The Benefits of Working with Florida’s Sliding Glass Door Repair Experts

You might assume you can perform the necessary repairs yourself when issues such as these arise. While it’s an understandable impulse, don’t make that mistake. Again, you might not be able to properly diagnose the cause of the issue. If you’re repairing or replacing broken glass, you may be in danger if you don’t perform the task properly. Additionally, without the right experience, no matter what the problem is, you might fail to fix it permanently.

Hire experts for this work instead. Our team at AA Window Repair, serving customers throughout the Melbourne, FL area, has the expertise needed to fix any sliding glass door problem. To learn more about scheduling service, contact us today!

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