How Home Window Repair Keeps You Safe

It’s no secret that broken glass can turn a normal window into a personal safety hazard. Most homeowners know this. However, it’s easy to forget that a window can be dangerous even when the glass is intact. If another component is in need of repair, you might still be at risk of injury.

Thus, when your windows aren’t functioning ideally, it’s important to schedule home window repair service sooner rather than later. At AA Window Repair, serving the Melbourne, FL area, you’ll find trusted professionals who’ll address the problem correctly the first time.

To better understand why broken hardware in a window can be unsafe, consider the following points:

Windows Can Slam Shut

Ideally, a window will remain in place when opened until you manually close it. Unfortunately, components can begin to fail over time, resulting in a window that slams shut without warning.

This is dangerous to anyone closing such a window. It could slam down on their fingers, resulting in serious harm. Avoid this problem by hiring home window repair experts if any of your windows seem to be loose or won’t stay in place.

It’s also important to remember that the pressure of the impact might cause a window’s glass to shatter if it slams down. Obviously, anyone in the area is likely to be harmed when this happens. Whether the person injured is you, a member of your family, or simply a guest, at the very least, you’ll have medical bills to pay for after such an event. If the injury is severe, it could also impact the victim’s quality of life for a period of time.

This doesn’t need to happen at all! Home window repair experts can typically fix windows that slam shut for far less than you would pay to replace them.

(And, most likely, far less than you would pay to cover any medical bills resulting from a sudden injury.)

Windows Can Stay Shut

The problem described above isn’t the only issue to be on the lookout for. While some windows may not stay open reliably, others may not open at all, staying shut no matter how hard you pry them.

This can be dangerous for several reasons. For instance, while it’s not something anyone likes to think about, as a homeowner, you have to consider the possibility that a house fire may occur one day. Depending on where you are in the home when the fire strikes, a window that won’t open could prevent you from getting to safety.

A window that stays shut could also pose a risk to your wallet. After all, windows play a role in letting air circulate in and out of the home. Instead of letting outside air in to cool or warm your home naturally, a broken window might force you to rely on your heating and cooling equipment instead. This drives up your energy bills. Prolonged and excessive usage of HVAC equipment also puts too much wear-and-tear on your system. You’ll have to repair or replace it earlier than you otherwise would as a result. This can be easily avoided by scheduling home window repair service when you notice a window won’t open.

You Don’t Need a Replacement Just Yet

Remember, even if a component of one of your windows’ hardware is failing, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to immediately replace the entire window. Our home window repair experts at AA Window Repair, serving the Melbourne, FL area, can very likely address the problem, saving you money and keeping you safe. As a locally-owned, family-operated business, we pride ourselves on treating our customers like the valued neighbors they are. That may be why we’ve managed to consistently earn high praise and positive reviews from those we’ve served. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us today at (321) 723-9910 for our Brevard office or (772) 562-8533 for our Indian River office.

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