Has Your Window Become A Guillotine?

Ahh….fall in Melbourne, FL! What a great time of year. Temperatures are cool and the breeze is refreshing. It’s time to turn off the A/C and open those windows! So you fight with the lock for a minute (the window hasn’t been opened for almost a year after all!) and finally force the window open only to narrowly avoid dismemberment as the window SLAMS back down! What happened? Why is your home window, your gateway to the beautiful Melbourne, FL breeze, holding you prisoner?

When Your Window Hardware Need To Be Replaced

If you’re like most folks your windows stay closed during summer protecting you during the oppressive Florida heat. However the hardware that lifts and holds your windows in place (balancers, cranks, locks, etc) have no such protection. They endure a daily cycle of moisture and heat, which, after time, can lead to these window parts seizing up or failing completely (creating the guillotine effect that alerted may have alerted you to the problem). When your window hardware fails your window becomes inoperable, either it wont stay up or if you are able to open it you may not be able to close it. When this happens it’s time to call the window hardware repair experts at AA Window Repair

Efficient Window Hardware Repair In Melbourne, FL

For the better part of a decade, AA Window Repair has been helping homeowners enjoy the cool fall breeze by providing quality window hardware repair. Our technicians arrive at a time convenient for you and can have your windows functioning like new in minutes! No matter what your window type we have the parts and expertise to repair it’s hardware! So if your windows slam back down when you try to enjoy the cool fall air, or if they won’t even open at all, call AA Window Repair at 321-723-9910!

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