Double Pane Window Glass Replacement

It’s a question that we get a lot this time of year. As we head into the hot summer months here in Vero Beach, FL and Sebastian, FL many homeowners are concerned that their double paned windows are no longer functioning as they used to. There is no doubt that double pane windows offer real benefits in the way of improved energy efficiency of their homes (in other words, you pay less for keeping your home as cool as possible during the summer) and noise reduction. Window glass that is broken or worn out can be a pain to both you and your wallet. There are ways to tell if it is time to consider replacing your double pane window glass, let us examine a few of the most common.

Condensation Ahead!

Double pane windows are, as the name suggests made up of two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed creating an inner air chamber that is usually filled with some sort of gas, such as argon. When that seal is ruptured or wears out moisture is allowed to enter the unit. This trapped moisture collects as condensation on the inside of your panes, ultimately obscuring your view of the outside world.

The Fog That Wasn’t Really There

Perhaps you have had this happen to you. You walk past your window and it looks a little cloudy, so you come back with a bottle of window cleaner and a towel and clean the inside of the pane, but the cloudiness remains. “Must be on the outside” you say to yourself as you go out the house and clean that side of your double pane window. But it still stays cloudy, then it dawns on you…the cloudiness is in between the panes! Fogging of your double pane windows is really the same problem as condensation, just taken to the next level. The fogging will become thicker and more obtrusive with time and may even lead to a milky layer forming on the inside of your double pane window.

A Distorted View Of Reality

The most obvious of signals that your double pane windows needs replaced. Cracks, chips, or broken panes cause your once beautiful view to become distorted. What’s more, when your double pane unit is no longer sealed it is no longer energy efficient the resultant heat infiltration will be felt, by your air conditioning system.

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