Don’t Wait to Schedule Home Window Glass Replacement

Your home’s window glass can sustain damage for many reasons. When this happens, some homeowners may wonder if they need to repair or replace it immediately.

The answer is a resounding yes. Scheduling home window glass replacement the moment you need it is crucial for many reasons. This is particularly true in Melbourne, FL, the area our experts at AA Window Repair proudly serve.

To better understand why you shouldn’t wait to replace broken or missing window glass, consider the following essential points.

Loss of Air Conditioning

It’s no secret Florida can get pretty warm. Making sure you’ve optimized your air conditioning is key to staying comfortable here, where temperatures can frequently exceed 100 degrees.

Unfortunately, if window glass is broken, much of the cool air in your home will escape outside. You’ll either have to accept the discomfort, or run your air conditioning system at stronger settings more often.

This will obviously lead to high energy bills. On top of that, the wear and tear of constant use will cause your system to break down prematurely.

Avoid these problems by scheduling home window glass replacement service right away. Doing so is simply good for both your comfort and your wallet.


Your windows don’t merely let natural light into your home. Like all other exterior barriers, they serve to prevent unwanted intruders (whether they be burglars, critters, or anything else) from getting in.

A window can’t do this when its glass is broken. If a prowler is looking for vulnerable homes in your neighborhood, they’ll certainly be attracted to one where window glass is noticeably damaged or absent.

This doesn’t need to happen to you. Replace broken glass right away, and your home won’t stand out to people with bad intentions.

Potential Injury

All broken glass is dangerous. This is a key reason you should always leave tasks like window glass repair and replacement to the professionals. If you don’t have the proper experience, you may end up cracking or shattering your new glass in the process of installing it, putting you and others at risk of injury.

This is also a good reason to not wait when you need home window glass replacement service. As long as the broken glass is still in the frame, anyone who is near it can be harmed. Although some broken glass cuts are minor, they can easily be fatal.

You also need to remember that homeowners are typically liable for injuries on their property. For example, if your child invited friends over to play, and one of them was hurt because they didn’t remember to stay away from the broken window, you’ll likely be responsible for covering their medical bills. This is yet another way in which scheduling service as soon as your glass breaks helps you save money in the long run.

Choosing the Right Home Window Glass Replacement Team

Scheduling window glass replacement ASAP is important. So is making sure you hire the right people for the job. You need qualified experts on your side who can deliver efficient, safe, and reliable service.

That’s exactly what we offer at AA Window Repair. Serving customers in and around the Melbourne, FL area, we have the experience necessary to replace everything from single pane to large double pane insulated glass.

We also don’t think you should have to take our word for it when we explain why we’re the right window repair specialists for your needs. Instead, we ask you to check out the numerous positive reviews from happy customers. They’ll help you appreciate why you’ve made the right choice when you choose our locally-owned, family operated business. To learn more about scheduling home window glass replacement, contact us today!

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