Can My Window Be Repaired?

It’s a question we get quite often. As frustrated Vero Beach, FL homeowners demonstrate to us how their windows no longer function the way that they used to, it’s human nature to fear the worst! So before you contemplate replacing the entire window, read this article as we are going to highlight some of the common issues surrounding home windows that can be repaired by your local window repair experts (ahem, that would be us!).

Window Repair Issue #1 – Broken Window Panes

Okay, so we are starting with a softball here. When something happens to your window panes it’s readily obvious and you know what needs to be done. What you may not know is the reason why you should take care of it as soon as possible. Yes, broken window panes (with even the smallest of holes) can let in bugs and pose a security risk for your family. But even cracked window panes no longer function as well as they did. Broken window panes will let your interior heating and cooling out, increasing your costs to maintain a comfortable home each day that they are there. Having them replaced promptly greatly reduces the impact to your wallet.

As far a home window repair scenarios go, this one is pretty straightforward and our window repair experts are always ready to safely remove any broken glass and replace your panes with brand new ones!

Window Repair Issue #2 – My Window Won’t Open or Close

So you literally threw out your back trying to open your window? Or perhaps you fear opening your window because you KNOW you won’t be able to close it. Having windows that won’t open or close properly really puts a damper on the great weather that we have year-round in Vero Beach, FL. Typically when start to give you resistance when you open or close them it is a sign that the window balances are no longer functioning properly.

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Fortunately, bad window balances are no match for our expert window repair technicians. Quickly and safely replacing window balances is at the heart of what we do. We can have your windows sliding up and down with ease in no time!

Window Repair Issue #3 – My Window Won’t Stay Open

This one can be scary. If you have ever opened a window just to have it unexpectedly slam back down (almost taking a limb with it!) then you know why this made our list. A window that won’t stay open doesn’t just deny you of the wonderful Florida breeze that happens this time of year it is flat out dangerous! Fortunately, AA Window Repair can easily repair your window so that when you open them, they stay open! If this happens to you, don’t live in fear of your windows, call AA Window Repair!

Window Repair Issue #4 – My Window Won’t Lock

This is an obvious home security issue that you will want to address right away. The solution to this problem could be as simple as replacing the hardware on your windows (allowing the lock to function properly again). However, there could be a greater problem if your window frame has shifted due to the settling of your home. When you call our window repair team we will evaluate the situation and always present you with all of your options. If we can repair it, many times we can do it right on the spot, restoring your peace of mind right away!

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